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RTB Sandy Springs - A Decade of Exceptional Bar Rental Services

If you're looking to make an impression at your next celebration or event, few services take your gathering to the next level like Raising the Bar. At RTB, we mix superior service and delicious spirits with the finest bar rentals in Sandy Springs, GA. We pride ourselves on creating unique, delectable drinks backed by impeccable service to keep your event stress-free and streamlined, so you can focus on your role at the party while attendees have the time of their lives. our guests will not only be impressed by our high-quality craft cocktails - they'll be blown away by the entire process, from setting up to break down. Unlike some bar rental companies in Sandy Springs, we prioritize professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service.

Having served such brands as Ferrari and Delta, we know what it takes to turn a mediocre event into something special. Our team of bartenders have the experience to keep your guests happy and the flair to give them a memorable time, no matter what kind of function you're organizing. From summertime shindigs in the sun to corporate team building events, we've seen and done it all, and we're here to serve you as well.

Mobile Bars Sandy Springs, GA

Here's a quick snapshot of what we can do for you:

Full-Service Packages

Full-Service Packages

we'll arrive early, set everything up, run your bar service, keep your guests entertained, and clean up after ourselves when we're done. We'll focus on your mobile bar service while your guests admire how awesome your event turned out.

Brand Activations

Brand Activations

Launch your product with branded bar setups or support your event with customizable drinks, satellite bars, and giveaways. We don't just handle the drinks; we keep the party flowing.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

From exciting team-building exercises to formal affairs, we have worked on hundreds of corporate events in Sandy Springs. Regardless of the size of your corporate event, our team will handle all the details, from customized bars with company logos to a custom menu of craft cocktails.



Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. As such, your reception is one of the biggest parties you'll ever thlmb-row. It needs to be perfect, and it needs to be fun. We've got you covered on both fronts and then some. Contact our office today to learn more about how we keep your guest's glasses full and your bar rental beautiful.

Mobile Bar Rentals

Mobile Bar Rentals

If you're looking for the highest quality mobile bar rentals in Sandy Springs, look no further than RTB. We've built our business around bar rentals and have everything from sleek, modern bar tops to rustic-chic beer taps. Our team is here to offer guidance as you choose your bar rental. Once you do, we'll handle every detail - from set up and break down to staffing and drink service.



Already have your bar setup planned but still need bartender staffing in Sandy Springs, GA? Our bartenders are experts in their trade and will undoubtedly raise the bar when it comes to your upcoming event.

Why Choose Raising the Bar?

RTB was built on hard work and kindness. With more than a decade of experience in the private event business, we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the United States. We pride ourselves on excellence in every service we offer, from bar rental setup for weddings to large brand reveals and everything in between. RTB isn't just here to mix and serve drinks at your next party - we're here to offer guidance, advice, and expertise every step of the way. From suggestions on how much alcohol to have stocked at your party to trusted vendor referrals for your corporate event, we're here to help.

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that our clients get the hard work and attention they deserve. When you choose Raising the Bar, know that we will do everything in our power to make you, your guests, and your event feel extra special. We are dedicated to giving every one of our clients a white glove experience, whether your purchase a full-service package or need an experienced bartender.

Bar Rentals in Sandy Springs, GA

The idea of thlmb-rowing a big party or get-together for your friends or co-workers is an exciting prospect. When it comes down to the logistics of your bar service, however, planning can become a nightmare. Thankfully, there's an easier, more efficient way to arrange for a stunning bar setup - bar rentals from Raising the Bar. When you hire RTB, you can rest easy knowing we have all the details covered.

We are proud to offer the most streamlined bar rental services in Sandy Springs. Our doesn't just arrive at your location and start slinging drinks.

Setting up your bar rental is important, of course, but we also handle all the requirements your bar may need:

  • Set Up Bar Rental
  • Handle Purchase Orders
  • Arrange for Alcohol Delivery
  • Ensure Bar is Stocked
  • Maintain Excellent Quality Control
  • Provide Fully Trained, Fun Bartenders
  • Provide Cash Control and Inventory Management
  • Custom Cocktail Creation
  • Provide a Fun, Memorable Bar Rental Experience
  • Collect Glassware After Event Ends
  • Break Down Bar and Clean Up After Event Ends
 Bartenders For Parties Sandy Springs, GA

Of course, what kind of mobile bar service would we be if we didn't provide the most innovative, tasty beverages for partygoers to enjoy? RTB stands tall above all other portable bar rentals in Georgia with custom-made cocktails to fit any themed event and even customized menus for your guests. Example events that are perfect for RTB bar rentals include sales meetings, real estate open houses, holiday staff parties, software release parties, team building mixology meetings, birthday parties, barbecues, and more.

At RTB, we earned our stripes by showing off what we can do in front of thousands of people. With our extensive experience, innovative cocktails, and top-notch bartenders, you can't go wrong with Raising the Bar.

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Benefits of Bar Rentals in Sandy Springs

We get feedback from our amazing clients every day, telling us how we helped make their event bigger and better than they thought possible. We're in the business of making your party or gathering unforgettable, but we also provide convenience and peace of mind for busy people planning events.

Here are just a few more reasons why our customers love our bar rentals in Sandy Springs:

Custom Bar Rentals for Unique Events

Custom Bar Rentals for Unique Events

Our mobile bars can be personalized to match nearly any theme and any type of event. Need to have your company's logo on display? We can make that happen. Have a fun custom cocktail idea for your wedding day? Give us a shout - we'd love to hear what you're thinking. Unlike some of our competition, we encourage our customers to get creative with us. There are many options to make your bar rental stand out, from LED lighting coupled with a sleek, modern bar to luxurious displays with custom cocktail menus.

Less Stress

Less Stress

Planning a party can be a blast, that's for sure. But trying to handle event setup and logistics? Not so much. Setting up tables, chairs, and other items is time-consuming and frustrating. RTB eliminates this stress by arriving at your event location with everything ready to go - from your mobile bar setup to drink service and more. You've got more important things to worry about than whether the lemons are fully stocked at the bar. Let us take care of the "nitty-gritty" while you focus on enjoying your event.

Save Money

Save Money

Because RTB supplies you with everything you need for your bar rental service, most customers end up saving money in the long run when they work with us. Common costs that we can help alleviate for you include purchasing barstools, glasses, garnishes, mixers, sodas, and more. Additionally, our team sets everything up, breaks everything down, and cleans up after the party. This service also saves our customers money, who would otherwise need to make arrangements for storage as well as a clean-up crew at the end of the night.

Bartender Staffing in Sandy Springs, GA

At Raising the Bar, we understand how important it is to have a qualified, trustworthy team of bartenders at your event. From drink service to limiting alcohol consumption, you need to be able to rely on your bartender from the moment your event starts until it ends. We are proud to have skilled, fully insured bartenders who are ready and waiting to make an impression at your next big event. Unlike dull, run-of-the-mill bartenders, our team won't suck the life out of your party - we'll keep your guests entertained and their glasses full so that the good times keep rolling.

 Bar Rentals & Bartender Staffing Sandy Springs, GA

Curious what kind of events our bartenders can help cover?

Here are just a few of our specialties:
 Portable Bar Rental Sandy Springs, GA
Bartenders for Weddings in Sandy Springs

We will work with you to supply a professional bartender at your wedding, so you can say "I Do" without worrying about your drink service.

 Bar Rentals Sandy Springs, GA
Bartenders for Corporate Functions in Sandy Springs

RTB can provide bartenders for your upcoming company dinner, award ceremony, team building exercise, and more. Our bartenders will be dressed for the occasion and will provide service that is tailored to your occasion.

 Rent A Bartender Sandy Springs, GA
Bartenders for Social Gatherings in Sandy Springs

Our enthusiastic, high-energy bartenders make a great addition to any party or social gathering, big or small.

 Mobile Bar Service Sandy Springs, GA
Bartenders for Private Events in Sandy Springs

Thlmb-rowing a private birthday bash? Perhaps you're thinking about a small celebration for your anniversary. Whatever the occasion, RTB will supply a hardworking, professional bartender for your private event.

Depending on the type of event you have in mind, our bartenders are also trained for more "out of the box" events as part of our signature service packages. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Mixology Classes
  • Mixology Demonstrations
  • Beer and Wine Sommelier
  • Bourbon Master
  • Craft Cocktails
  • Build Your Own Mule Bar
 Bar Service Sandy Springs, GA

Concessions Services in Sandy Springs, GA

In addition to bar rentals in Sandy Springs, GA, Raising the Bar also offers a suite of concessions services for events in Georgia. RTB concessions were born out of the desire to provide a next-generation beverage experience. This service is tailored to brand sponsors who wish to provide consumers with an elevated cocktail experience in a large setting. Special events and festivals in Georgia are only glmb-rowing in popularity. Today, consumers attending these events expect a wider variety of drink choices. They crave a personalized experience, and Raising the Bar is the perfect partner to choose when executing such an event

For brand sponsors, having a partner that provides a memorable consumer experience is crucial for maximizing ROI. Our ability to work with all trade partners (venue owners, brand owners, and distributors) makes their sponsorship money work harder. With more than a decade of experience, a highly trained staff of bartenders, and customizable bar services, we stand tall as Sandy Springs's most trusted boutique concessions provider. Having worked with many large-scale festivals, sporting events, and corporate events, we are confident that our beverage program gives consumers an unrivaled experience. Equally important, we give brand sponsors a key source of income.

 Bartenders For Events Sandy Springs, GA

We're Ready to Serve Up a Great Time

Ready to learn more about how Raising the Bar can transform your boring party into a fun, exciting party?

Our team of experts is ready to help you get started. Contact our office in Sandy Springs today at 404-826-5945. Before you know it, you'll be sipping a craft cocktail next to a branded bar rental while your guests rave about your amazing event.

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Latest News in Sandy Springs, GA

Gridlock Guy: Tips for navigating “I-285 Gridlock: Game of Cones”

No one is pretending like the new eight-month, multi-lane closure on I-285 both ways between Roswell Road (Exit 25) and Ashford Dunwoody (Exit 29) is going to be rosy. The AJC’s David Wickert has reported the blockages finally have a starting date, this weekend, and they will be fully in place by Monday morning drive. The state is shifting lanes to the right and ...

No one is pretending like the new eight-month, multi-lane closure on I-285 both ways between Roswell Road (Exit 25) and Ashford Dunwoody (Exit 29) is going to be rosy. The AJC’s David Wickert has reported the blockages finally have a starting date, this weekend, and they will be fully in place by Monday morning drive. The state is shifting lanes to the right and then blocking the two left lanes on the eastbound (Inner Loop) side, followed by the left lanes westbound for this whole stretch about a week later. Crews all weekend will pace traffic and gradually shift lanes, starting Friday night. The full, double-left lane closure should be in place by late Sunday night, October 10th.

(Courtesy: GDOT)

But these long-term lane closures will eventually switch in about four months to the right lanes. This allows North Perimeter Contractors (NPC) to rebuild the I-285 bridge decks over Glenridge Drive, GA-400, and Peachtree Dunwoody Road, in conjunction with the other major expansions in the project.

The AJC’s Bill Torpy detailed the setbacks that have delayed this monumental project by almost two years. GDOT now predicts Transform I-285/GA-400 will not be complete until the second half of 2023, capped off by a massive resurfacing project on the Northside Perimeter next year.

GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurry told Smilin’ Mark McKay and me on the most recent WSB Traffic Podcast that lane-repaving will start back as far east as Spaghetti Junction (I-85) likely by next summer, as these bridge rebuilds conclude.


These particular bridge rebuild-shutdowns have been delayed over a year, as the state waited for NPC to open new ramps and collector-distributor (CD) lanes to handle the displaced capacity from the main I-285 lanes. The state also wanted the final placement of the revamped exit ramps to be set before this massive closure began.

GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale told the AJC that the state is committed to keeping at least three I-285 lanes open each way during the day, but the area could become more restricted at night, as many already experience.

Atlantans, brace yourselves. Out-of-towners, know that Atlanta’s bypass may need bypassing, at times.

Here are some tips on navigating “I-285 Gridlock: Game of Cones.”

Learn the topography of new ramps

One of the biggest gripes in this Dunwoody-Sandy Springs work zone is the confusing placement and signage of new ramps. The main goal of this project has been to force local traffic to exit earlier, keeping travelers of longer distances moving at a higher pace, preventing the late exits and weaves from drivers and mitigating backed up exit ramps.

But these newer, longer exit ramps start sometimes as much as a mile before they used to, confusing drivers to no end.

Before jumping into the traffic chop suey, study a map of your route and find where you need to exit. Given that traffic moves slower on this stretch now, missing an exit and driving miles out of the way will be even more difficult.

The ramps’ earlier beginnings also mean drivers can exit I-285 and enter it outside of where the main closures are, though the delays will go back before the lane-blockages.

Know your alternates…and the alternates to them

The goal of any alternate route is not to remove all traffic from the main, afflicted road. Taking alternates relieves the pressure on the main road and that method is the medicine for this eight-month, popup zoo on I-285.

The biggest I-285 alternates around this zone are in Downtown Atlanta. Take I-85/southbound to I-75/northbound, north of the Downtown Connector, to avoid I-285/westbound (Outer Loop) delays.

Bypass I-285/eb (Inner Loop) closures by doing the reverse: I-75/southbound to I-85/northbound.

The problem with these interstate alternates is that each of these ramps in the Brookwood interchange are single-lane. They will back up extremely quickly, as they do whenever there is a problem on I-285.

Depending on trajectory and starting points, drivers can take Mount Vernon Road/Highway from Dunwoody to Sandy Springs. Johnson Ferry, full as it is, also cuts diagonally from Chamblee to East Cobb.

Traveling a short distance in Sandy Springs could mean that following Perimeter Center West/Abernathy Road between Ashford Dunwoody and Roswell Road is a good idea. Another local trip on narrow Windsor Parkway can channel traffic the same distance, inside I-285.

But the smaller the street, the worse the route. Neighborhoods will be inundated with traffic, undoubtedly, but tractor trailers, other large vehicles, and people with destinations outside of this zone need to stick to the freeways. That is far safer and more reliable, despite the delays.

GA-400 drivers will actually have the fortune of taking long flyover ramps onto I-285 that merge them in ahead of where these lanes are blocked. So while GA-400 will be slow, it will offer some relief in the area.

Patience is a virtue

There may be several alternates on this stretch, but every adjacent road to this area will be packed. They just will. People have to accept reality and change their mindset; just about everyone in that traffic has the same goal.

With I-285 already being a narrow work zone - and now having less lanes - there will be more incidents and they will be harder to clear. This will just compound the delays on I-285/eastbound east of I-75 (Exit 20) in Cobb and I-285/westbound west of I-85 (Exit 33) in DeKalb.

Once I-285 backs up to those joints, expect I-75 and I-85, especially on the southbound sides, to be especially slow. GA-400/southbound already is a bear when trying to ramp to I-285/westbound (Exit 4) - that single right lane will stay heavy, though it won’t merge with I-285 until after the lane closures.

And, as mentioned before, this means the southbound rides on GA-400, I-75, and I-85 inside the Perimeter will be really rough into Downtown Atlanta.

Remote-working and MARTA need consideration

Many jobs found a way to function virtually during the pandemic shutdowns and some have stayed that way. Employees and employers alike in this I-285/GA-400 corridor should start finding ways to do this again, if not already. Flex-working or hybrid remote/in-person schedules at least make some paper cuts at the extra traffic.

MARTA trains serve the I-85 and GA-400 corridors. Buses zigzag this whole region in Fulton and DeKalb. Taking some extra cars off these regions during this traffic stress will help. MARTA was a major help for drivers during the 2017 I-85 bridge collapse.

Plan before you go

Commuters check drive times and conditions before hitting the Perimeter and surrounding roads. I know a guy.

95.5 WSB has 24-hour traffic updates, including every six minutes in morning and PM drives. Ch. 2 Action News does traffic every 10 minutes with Mike Shields 4:30-7 weekday mornings. Our Triple Team Traffic Alerts App gives a great overview of delays and incidents on the map, has push alerts sent by our team of experts for major problems, and plays audio alerts to mobile devices from members of our team 24/7 when the vehicle gets near a problem spot.

Traffic will be worse than normal…and that will become the new normal. But there is no reason to just blindly drive into an atomic blindspot. We can all get through this together, just as we have done before.

Doug Turnbull, the PM drive Skycopter anchor for Triple Team Traffic on 95.5 WSB, is the Gridlock Guy. He also hosts a traffic podcast with Smilin’ Mark McKay on Contact him at

Wrecks prompt Sandy Springs to ask GDOT to reroute truck traffic away from I-285

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul told a Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) representative the city is concerned with driver safety after accidents that shut down I-285 in both directions.GDOT’s Marlo Clowers, the Transform I-285 alternative delivery program manager, was at the Sandy Springs City Council work session on Nov. 1 to present an update.The narrowing of I-285 down to three lanes for the reconstruction of two bridges is one of the issues.“The real concern is the main lane of interstate truck t...

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul told a Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) representative the city is concerned with driver safety after accidents that shut down I-285 in both directions.

GDOT’s Marlo Clowers, the Transform I-285 alternative delivery program manager, was at the Sandy Springs City Council work session on Nov. 1 to present an update.

The narrowing of I-285 down to three lanes for the reconstruction of two bridges is one of the issues.

“The real concern is the main lane of interstate truck traffic with commuters on 285 coming into that narrow area,” Paul said. “One of the accidents that we had earlier this week involved a big rig.”

Interstate truck traffic hasn’t been allowed on the Downtown Connector because of similar traffic conflicts, he said. It would take an act of the state legislature to divert traffic off I-285 to use the Downtown Connector.

“But is there any way that we can figure out how to at least reduce some of the truck traffic through there so that we don’t have these conflicts that are putting our public safety at risk?” Paul asked Clowers.

She confirmed that GDOT knew legislative action would be necessary to divert trucks inside of I-285.

“There were conversations early on when we were first considering the lane reductions because we knew it was going to be a necessary evil for replacing those bridges,” Clowers said.

GDOT recognizes there have been incidents involving trucks since the lane closures, but it’s not clear if those were due to the lane closures or driver behavior.

Clowers said she would take the traffic diversion request to her bosses to consider whether they would support rerouting the trucks.

Councilmember Andy Bauman said the perception is that traffic accidents have increased. He asked if GDOT data supports that observation. He also asked if a resolution from the city supporting rerouting truck traffic would help.

Clowers said GDOT makes daily observations of traffic data and can share that with the city. GDOT staff already meets monthly with the city’s Public Works staff.

If the data shows a significant increase in crashes due to trucks related to lane reductions and the city issues a resolution in support of rerouting truck traffic, Clowers said she was sure GDOT would use that to support a request for changes.

Paul also asked about the apparent inactivity of work on the Mount Vernon bridge over Ga. 400, which is creating frustration for some city residents.

Clowers said that part of the project was one of the first bits of work started by the contractor. Since the project is design-build and the Mount Vernon bridge wasn’t considered a critical path item, the contractor sequenced the work to focus on more critical items like collector-distributor lanes.

The result is the Mount Vernon piece of the project is taking longer than originally anticipated. Design-build projects have a single company responsible for both parts of a project and the scheduling of the work, which is meant to save time and money overall.

She said upcoming work for the Ga. 400 portion of the project will include the start of construction on Nov. 11 of the raised median for Mount Vernon Highway.

Transform 285 Project Milestones

Some of the work completed on Transform 285 included:

Upcoming construction activities in Sandy Springs, with anticipated dates, will include:

Clowers told City Council project milestones include the major opening of ramps, bridges and connecting lanes throughout this year and into 2023. By the middle of next year, the majority of work on the I-285 mainline and on Ga. 400 should be completed.

A New Direction for Atlanta’s Cityhood Movement Emerges

On Tuesday, residents of south Cobb County, Georgia, voted to incorporate into the city of Mableton, making it the 11th new city to form around metro Atlanta since the incorporation of Sandy Springs in 2005.With close to 77,000 residents, Mableton will now be the largest city in Cobb County, and among its ...

On Tuesday, residents of south Cobb County, Georgia, voted to incorporate into the city of Mableton, making it the 11th new city to form around metro Atlanta since the incorporation of Sandy Springs in 2005.

With close to 77,000 residents, Mableton will now be the largest city in Cobb County, and among its most diverse — a stark contrast to earlier cityhood movements in metro Atlanta. The first eight cities formed since 2005 were mostly white upper-income neighborhoods, and many of them formed just as the demographics and leadership of their counties became majority non-white and non-Republican. Many of those early cityhood campaigns were motivated by the goal of having more local control over their tax dollars, housing, zoning and land use decisions — though not every case.

But several recent attempts by majority white and/or wealthy neighborhoods to form cities have failed, including three in Cobb County earlier this year. Mableton will be different: a mostly Black and Latino city with a considerable Asian population, along with much more economic diversity than that first wave of new cities. That’s more aligned with the last two cities that formed in the Atlanta area — South Fulton in 2017 and Stonecrest in 2016 — which are majority-Black and mostly middle class.

These more recent cities mark a new trend, now amplified by Mableton voters: The cityhood movement can no longer be characterized exclusively as a maneuver of the rich, white gentry; it increasingly reflects the racial and political diversity that has transformed Atlanta’s suburbs over the last decade. Another cityhood hopeful, the city of DeKalb, would encompass most of south DeKalb County, in Atlanta’s east suburbs, and would be a majority-Black municipality.

“In history, oftentimes, we watch the playbook,” says LeRoy “Tre” Hutchins, who helped lead the campaign for Mableton’s cityhood. “We watch how others have done and flourished. And I think that is what excites people, when they desire better for their communities. They look at the playbook, they learn from it, and they customize it for their own communities of interest.”

For Mableton, that means additional opportunities for redevelopment of the new city’s neighborhoods, which currently have an abundance of under-regulated apartment complexes and vacant, dilapidated strip malls. Hutchins and other leaders of the Mableton campaign organized under the hope that as a city there could be better protections for renters, more accountability for landlords, and a more modernized mix of new businesses in the area.

Now that Mableton voters have approved the cityhood plan, Georgia’s governor will set up a transition committee to establish the infrastructure for creating new municipal services, facilitate the transfer of certain fees and taxes from the county, and set up Mableton’s first election for its mayor and city council. Hutchins says all of that should be complete by the first quarter of next year.

Nearly 25,000 Cobb County residents voted on the Mableton question via ballot referendum on Tuesday, with roughly 53% voting in favor of cityhood versus 47% against. Maps for the vote count reveal that many yes votes came from Mableton’s western and southern neighborhoods, where the bulk of its lower-income neighborhoods are. The no votes are concentrated in Mableton’s northern communities, which contain more single-family homes and higher-income subdivisions. Those areas neighbor the city of Smyrna, which at one point was hoping to annex parts of Mableton. East of Mableton is the wealthy enclave of Vinings, one of the three areas of Cobb County whose cityhood ballot initiatives failed earlier this year. That the Mableton cityhood campaign made it over the finish line while the more well-heeled and resourced Vinings didn’t could be a sign of a new direction for the cityhood movement.

“The conversation for cityhood has been over a decade here,” says Hutchins. “While the other parts of the county had different focuses, ours was focused on redevelopment of greater South Cobb and that is a true need. Some of the arguments I’ve heard in regards to some of the other cityhood efforts was there were desires to have local control, but not necessarily was there a need for it. Here, there is a need for it. We need to be a city so that we can begin to work on new developments.”

Wofford Baseball announces signing day class

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (Wofford Athletics) – Wofford baseball head coach Todd Interdonato announced today the addition of 14 student-athletes who signed National Letters of Intent or letters of commitment to join the Terriers baseball squad in the fall of 2023.“The 2023 graduating class who has signed with us today is a result of countless hours on the road, games evaluated, phone calls made and received and visits to our incredible campus” said Interdonato. “The on-field talent this group will bring with it is a re...

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (Wofford Athletics) – Wofford baseball head coach Todd Interdonato announced today the addition of 14 student-athletes who signed National Letters of Intent or letters of commitment to join the Terriers baseball squad in the fall of 2023.

“The 2023 graduating class who has signed with us today is a result of countless hours on the road, games evaluated, phone calls made and received and visits to our incredible campus” said Interdonato. “The on-field talent this group will bring with it is a result of the recent success we have had, specifically in the last two seasons of back-to-back Southern Conference Championships. The quality of each individual is the result of who we are as a college at Wofford and the type of families this astonishing college can attract.

“JJ (Edwards) and Josh (Schulman) have a special way of connecting with prospective student-athletes and sharing our vision for them and their future here. Their work ethic is second to none, and our future success is a result of how committed they are to finding that perfect Wofford fit while evaluating thousands of players.”

The class of 14 covers seven different states with Georgia being the most represented at five future Terriers. Three are from South Carolina, and two are from Ohio. Pitchers comprise a majority of the class at just over half with eight hurlers. The remainder includes a catcher, two outfielders and three infielders.

Interdonato added, “The success of this class will ultimately be determined by the commitment of those in it to develop at the rate we expect, their ability to be coached to our brand of baseball, and their toughness when they realize what is truly takes to succeed at this level.”

Name Pos. Hometown / High SchoolTyler Bak OF Sugar Hill, Ga. / North Gwinnett

Ethan Belk OF Rock Hill, S.C. / Legion Collegiate Academy

Alec Bouchard RHP Chattanooga, Tenn. / Notre Dame HS

Harrison Campi INF Manasquan, N.J. / Christian Brothers Academy

Mason Compton RHP Buford, Ga. / Flowery Branch

Carter Hanson INF Hilliard, Ohio / Hilliard Bradley

Brennan Hileman RHP/OF Cincinnati, Ohio / St. Xavier

Daniel Jackson C Sandy Springs, Ga. / North Springs

Jake McCoy LHP/OF Fort Mill, S.C. / Catawba Ridge

Noah McMahon RHP Decatur, Ga. / Decatur

Kenny Michaels LHP Alexandria, Va. / Mayfield Secondary

Davis Rivers RHP Columbia, S.C. / AC Flora

Camden Wicker RHP Viera, Fla. / Viera

Ryan Wynn INF Douglasville, Ga. / Chapel Hill

Tyler Bak is a 6-0, 165-pound outfielder from Sugar Hill, Ga. During his time at North Gwinnett High School, Bak has earned all-state, all-region and all-county honors as well as an all-county player of the month award in April 2021. He stole 11 bases while hitting .347 as a sophomore and upped his performance to 21 swipes and a .361 hitting mark as a junior. Bak has been named to the honor roll each of his four years in high school.

Ethan Belk is a 5-10, 180-pound outfielder from Rock Hill, S.C. A five-year varsity letterwinner, Belk helped his Legion Collegiate Academy squad claim a state title in 2020. Boasting 132 hits in his high school career, Belk is touted by Perfect Game as the No. 1 outfielder in the state of South Carolina. Between American Legion and high school, Belk has won three total state titles. No stranger to awards, he has been named all-state and all-region while also garnering two All-American honors, nine all-tournament team selections and two world baseball championships.

Alec Bouchard is a 6-2, 185-pound right-handed pitcher from Chattanooga, Tenn. Bouchard has earned all-district, all-region and all-state honors with Notre Dame High School while also making Best of Preps. In the 2022 season, Bouchard accrued 120 punchouts and posted a 1.08 ERA. Off the diamond, Bouchard founded his school’s guitar club and has been involved with multiple charitable works including working at a food pantry and building beds with Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

Harrison Campi is a 5-11, 180-pound middle infielder from Manasquan, N.J. After a canceled freshman campaign with Christian Brothers Academy, Campi earned CBA Rookie of the Year honors his sophomore season with a .296 average, and he lifted that mark to .386 the next year to be named CBA Player of the Year. He is a multi-time All-Class A North selection and has also been named All-Shore Conference and earned a Carpenter Cup All-Star Game selection. Campi has been a volunteer coach and is also involved in Autism Awareness Project.

Mason Compton is a 6-3, 205-pound right-handed pitcher from Buford, Ga. Compton has twice earned all-region and all-state honors while also twice participating in the East-West All-Star Game. With Flowery Branch High School, Compton owns a 1.98 ERA with a 0.89 WHIP. An honor grad, Compton also has an elementary school mentorship.

Carter Hanson is a 6-3, 210-pound corner infielder from Hilliard, Ohio. Hanson has aided his Hilliard Bradley squad to a pair of sectional finals with an OPS over .800 in each campaign. Hanson was a 2022 OCC Special Mention honoree and the 2022 MVP of his team with 20 RBI and three home runs. A National Society of High School Scholars member, Hanson is Summa Cum Laude and has done community service with the Mid Ohio Food Bank.

Brennan Hileman is a 6-1, 195-pound right-handed pitcher and outfielder from Cincinnati, Ohio. Hileman posted a .346 average in 2021 to lift his St. Xavier squad to a Greater Catholic League championship. In 2022, he led the GCL in hitting with a .418 average to earn first-team All-GCL honors and be named first-team All-Southwest Ohio and honorable mention All-State. Hileman has also worked with a canned food drive and as a volunteer baseball coach while also playing linebacker on the football team for two seasons. His father, Martin, played football at Wofford.

Daniel Jackson is a 6-0, 190-pound catcher from Sandy Springs, Ga. Jackson has helped his North Springs High School squad claim a pair of region championships while also earning two all-region nods. Jackson was also a county all-star for the state of Georgia. His junior season has been the highlight thus far with a .438 batting average and a .546 OBP.

Jake McCoy is a 6-0, 185-pound left-handed pitcher and outfielder from Fort Mill, S.C. McCoy has won a region title with Catawba Ridge High School while being named all-state and all-region. A three-year letterman, he has twice participated in the DP All-State Game. At the plate, McCoy hit over .300 while tossing 50 punchouts with a 1.94 ERA on the bump.

Noah McMahon is a 6-2, 175-pound right-handed pitcher from Decatur, Ga. McMahon posted a 6-0 record with a 1.40 ERA to help his Decatur squad capture a region title. He earned second-team all-region and upped it to a first-team all-region selection in 2022. McMahon was named to the 2022 Dekalb County All-Star and was his school’s Cy Young winner that same season. Off the field, McMahon is involved with Habitat for Humanity and his school’s chess club.

Kenny Michaels is a 6-4, 190-pound left-handed pitcher from Alexandria, Va. The southpaw helped guide his Mayfield Secondary squad to a district championship in 2022 as they finished 19-3 on the season. Michaels has also played first base in high school

Davis Rivers is a 6-1, 205-pound right-handed pitcher from Columbia, S.C. Rivers has won a pair of region and state championships with his AC Flora squad. He was a 2021 all-region and all-state honoree alongside Region and 4A Pitcher of the Year honors. Rivers pitched in the Palmetto Games and was named a 2022 preseason first-team All-American. A National Honor Society inductee, Rivers has coached 12u baseball and worked with charitable organizations. A two-sport athlete, he was also a tight end on AC Flora’s state-title-winning football team.

Camden Wicker is a 6-6, 180-pound right-handed pitcher from Viera, Fla. Wicker has helped his Viera High School team win a pair of district titles alongside a region championship in 2021. The righty owns a 2.04 ERA and 58 strikeouts while holding the opposition to a .184 average. Wicker is also a member of his school’s golf team, winning a Cape Coast Conference championship in 2019. Outside of sports, Wicker has worked with the Special Olympics and Children’s Hunger Project. College athletic are not new to the family, as both his father and uncle played lacrosse at Western New England.

Ryan Wynn is a 6-0, 175-pound middle infielder from Douglasville, Ga. In 2021 with Chapel Hill High School, Wynn hit .360 en route to a second-team all-region selection. In 2022, he leaped forward with a .443 batting mark to earn first-team all-region and all-state honorable mention honors. That same year Wynn participated in the Braves 44 Classic game and in the Minority Baseball Prospects All-American game. A superintendent’s scholar in 2019, Wynn is a member of the Key Club, Beta Club and National Spanish Honor Society.

The eligibility of all student-athletes is contingent upon admission to Wofford College and compliance with all NCAA rules, including registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Sandy Springs begins trail projects near river, Ga. 400

A trail section from Morgan Falls Overlook Park along the Chattahoochee River to Roswell Road and an extension of PATH 400 along Ga. 400 will be concrete examples of the Sandy Springs Trails Master Plan.“I don’t want to say we’re starting from scratch, but a long thought-out trail, off-road trail system hadn’t really been developed back in the day,” Recreation and Parks Director Mike Perry said. “So this was something that we undertook with the PATH Foundation to kind of look at how can we have as m...

A trail section from Morgan Falls Overlook Park along the Chattahoochee River to Roswell Road and an extension of PATH 400 along Ga. 400 will be concrete examples of the Sandy Springs Trails Master Plan.

“I don’t want to say we’re starting from scratch, but a long thought-out trail, off-road trail system hadn’t really been developed back in the day,” Recreation and Parks Director Mike Perry said. “So this was something that we undertook with the PATH Foundation to kind of look at how can we have as many interconnecting as well as inter-jurisdictional connections as we could.”

The city wants to give residents of Sandy Springs and neighboring cities access to the city through local trails and parks, he said.

Some of the trails will tie into existing and planned public works projects. A side path along Mount Vernon Highway will install sidewalks from the Sandy Springs Library Branch to the MARTA station, he said.

Trail segment linking river, Roswell Road could start this month

Sandy Springs City Council approved a $7.8 million bid from GHC Corp. for the construction of Trail Segment 2A on Sept. 20, which will build a trail from Morgan Falls Overlook along Georgia Power and Fulton County easements, across Orkin Lake and along Cimarron Parkway to Roswell Road.

City Council also accepted a $3 million grant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to help fund the construction. Sustainability Manager Catherine Mercier-Baggett said that the city applied for a Conserve Georgia Grant in October 2021. The Georgia DNR awarded the grant to the city, and it will cover 38.5% of the trail’s construction costs.

If everything works out, construction could begin this month and be completed in October 2023, Perry said.

The city’s goal is to buy as little land as necessary. For this trail section, the city obtained easements and didn’t have to buy any property. Once other people and property owners see this trail constructed, they will understand the city’s intent and that might make obtaining land easier and less expensive, Perry said.

Most of the trail will be a 12-foot wide hard surface. Walkers, runners, bicyclists and people wanting to access the river or Roswell Road will make use of this trail.

“The more trailhead parking opportunities we provide the more people that it will bring in. There’ll be adequate parking at Overlook, there’ll be parking down in the river park, down there by the dog park, we’ll have some parking there,” Perry said. “With more segments will come more trailheads and more access.”

He’s not sure how many acres are between the Edgewater apartments, Orkin Lake and the Chattahoochee River, but it is “a bunch.”

“There are some magnificent tree standings. Magnificent, huge virgin forests,” Perry said. “It’s kind of like Overlook Park – you get out there and you have no idea. You’re a quarter mile from Roswell Road and you have no idea. And you can hear the river. Gorgeous.”

The boardwalk across Orkin Lake will be magnificent, he said.

How much more of the trail is built – and when – comes down to funding availability. The City Council wants to be responsive to the public, he said.

“I’m hoping we build the first segment and it’s a resounding success and it becomes a priority,” Perry said.

PATH 400 construction bids projected in May 2023

PATH 400 will extend the trail from Atlanta north into Sandy Springs, using TPSLOT funds approved by voters in 2016 and federal funds awarded through the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).

“We have another section here that’s currently in final design and right of way acquisition for that project and it will extend the existing 12-foot path from Lourdes Drive right there in Atlanta, just north of the Glen Ridge Connector,” Sandy Springs spokesperson Dan Coffer said.

This section of the trial will be approximately 2.3 miles long. He said one day it would be nice to have it connect to some of the city’s other paths.

“The longer corridor there, it’s mostly behind neighborhoods and it’s behind a school,” he said. “Pretty tight along there, but we’ve been working with them for several years.”

One access point to PATH 400 in Sandy Springs is Windsor Meadows Park at Windsor Parkway. Another is Ridgeview Park off South Trimble Road.

“It’s adjacent to several neighborhoods along the path is just like it is in Atlanta,” Coffer said. “We met with several neighborhoods when we first kicked off this project, they were ‘Great, when you’re going to open it let us know.’”

The city hopes to open bids in May 2023 for construction.

Sandy Springs looks for any grant opportunities to help fund its trail, Coffer said.


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