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RTB Atlanta - A Decade of Exceptional Bar Rental Services

If you're looking to make an impression at your next celebration or event, few services take your gathering to the next level like Raising the Bar. At RTB, we mix superior service and delicious spirits with the finest bar rentals in Atlanta, GA. We pride ourselves on creating unique, delectable drinks backed by impeccable service to keep your event stress-free and streamlined, so you can focus on your role at the party while attendees have the time of their lives. our guests will not only be impressed by our high-quality craft cocktails - they'll be blown away by the entire process, from setting up to break down. Unlike some bar rental companies in Atlanta, we prioritize professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service.

Having served such brands as Ferrari and Delta, we know what it takes to turn a mediocre event into something special. Our team of bartenders have the experience to keep your guests happy and the flair to give them a memorable time, no matter what kind of function you're organizing. From summertime shindigs in the sun to corporate team building events, we've seen and done it all, and we're here to serve you as well.

Mobile Bars Atlanta, GA

Here's a quick snapshot of what we can do for you:

Full-Service Packages

Full-Service Packages

we'll arrive early, set everything up, run your bar service, keep your guests entertained, and clean up after ourselves when we're done. We'll focus on your mobile bar service while your guests admire how awesome your event turned out.

Brand Activations

Brand Activations

Launch your product with branded bar setups or support your event with customizable drinks, satellite bars, and giveaways. We don't just handle the drinks; we keep the party flowing.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

From exciting team-building exercises to formal affairs, we have worked on hundreds of corporate events in Atlanta. Regardless of the size of your corporate event, our team will handle all the details, from customized bars with company logos to a custom menu of craft cocktails.



Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. As such, your reception is one of the biggest parties you'll ever thlmb-row. It needs to be perfect, and it needs to be fun. We've got you covered on both fronts and then some. Contact our office today to learn more about how we keep your guest's glasses full and your bar rental beautiful.

Mobile Bar Rentals

Mobile Bar Rentals

If you're looking for the highest quality mobile bar rentals in Atlanta, look no further than RTB. We've built our business around bar rentals and have everything from sleek, modern bar tops to rustic-chic beer taps. Our team is here to offer guidance as you choose your bar rental. Once you do, we'll handle every detail - from set up and break down to staffing and drink service.



Already have your bar setup planned but still need bartender staffing in Atlanta, GA? Our bartenders are experts in their trade and will undoubtedly raise the bar when it comes to your upcoming event.

Why Choose Raising the Bar?

RTB was built on hard work and kindness. With more than a decade of experience in the private event business, we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the United States. We pride ourselves on excellence in every service we offer, from bar rental setup for weddings to large brand reveals and everything in between. RTB isn't just here to mix and serve drinks at your next party - we're here to offer guidance, advice, and expertise every step of the way. From suggestions on how much alcohol to have stocked at your party to trusted vendor referrals for your corporate event, we're here to help.

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that our clients get the hard work and attention they deserve. When you choose Raising the Bar, know that we will do everything in our power to make you, your guests, and your event feel extra special. We are dedicated to giving every one of our clients a white glove experience, whether your purchase a full-service package or need an experienced bartender.

Bar Rentals in Atlanta, GA

The idea of thlmb-rowing a big party or get-together for your friends or co-workers is an exciting prospect. When it comes down to the logistics of your bar service, however, planning can become a nightmare. Thankfully, there's an easier, more efficient way to arrange for a stunning bar setup - bar rentals from Raising the Bar. When you hire RTB, you can rest easy knowing we have all the details covered.

We are proud to offer the most streamlined bar rental services in Atlanta. Our doesn't just arrive at your location and start slinging drinks.

Setting up your bar rental is important, of course, but we also handle all the requirements your bar may need:

  • Set Up Bar Rental
  • Handle Purchase Orders
  • Arrange for Alcohol Delivery
  • Ensure Bar is Stocked
  • Maintain Excellent Quality Control
  • Provide Fully Trained, Fun Bartenders
  • Provide Cash Control and Inventory Management
  • Custom Cocktail Creation
  • Provide a Fun, Memorable Bar Rental Experience
  • Collect Glassware After Event Ends
  • Break Down Bar and Clean Up After Event Ends
 Bartenders For Parties Atlanta, GA

Of course, what kind of mobile bar service would we be if we didn't provide the most innovative, tasty beverages for partygoers to enjoy? RTB stands tall above all other portable bar rentals in Georgia with custom-made cocktails to fit any themed event and even customized menus for your guests. Example events that are perfect for RTB bar rentals include sales meetings, real estate open houses, holiday staff parties, software release parties, team building mixology meetings, birthday parties, barbecues, and more.

At RTB, we earned our stripes by showing off what we can do in front of thousands of people. With our extensive experience, innovative cocktails, and top-notch bartenders, you can't go wrong with Raising the Bar.

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Benefits of Bar Rentals in Atlanta

We get feedback from our amazing clients every day, telling us how we helped make their event bigger and better than they thought possible. We're in the business of making your party or gathering unforgettable, but we also provide convenience and peace of mind for busy people planning events.

Here are just a few more reasons why our customers love our bar rentals in Atlanta:

Custom Bar Rentals for Unique Events

Custom Bar Rentals for Unique Events

Our mobile bars can be personalized to match nearly any theme and any type of event. Need to have your company's logo on display? We can make that happen. Have a fun custom cocktail idea for your wedding day? Give us a shout - we'd love to hear what you're thinking. Unlike some of our competition, we encourage our customers to get creative with us. There are many options to make your bar rental stand out, from LED lighting coupled with a sleek, modern bar to luxurious displays with custom cocktail menus.

Less Stress

Less Stress

Planning a party can be a blast, that's for sure. But trying to handle event setup and logistics? Not so much. Setting up tables, chairs, and other items is time-consuming and frustrating. RTB eliminates this stress by arriving at your event location with everything ready to go - from your mobile bar setup to drink service and more. You've got more important things to worry about than whether the lemons are fully stocked at the bar. Let us take care of the "nitty-gritty" while you focus on enjoying your event.

Save Money

Save Money

Because RTB supplies you with everything you need for your bar rental service, most customers end up saving money in the long run when they work with us. Common costs that we can help alleviate for you include purchasing barstools, glasses, garnishes, mixers, sodas, and more. Additionally, our team sets everything up, breaks everything down, and cleans up after the party. This service also saves our customers money, who would otherwise need to make arrangements for storage as well as a clean-up crew at the end of the night.

Bartender Staffing in Atlanta, GA

At Raising the Bar, we understand how important it is to have a qualified, trustworthy team of bartenders at your event. From drink service to limiting alcohol consumption, you need to be able to rely on your bartender from the moment your event starts until it ends. We are proud to have skilled, fully insured bartenders who are ready and waiting to make an impression at your next big event. Unlike dull, run-of-the-mill bartenders, our team won't suck the life out of your party - we'll keep your guests entertained and their glasses full so that the good times keep rolling.

 Bar Rentals & Bartender Staffing Atlanta, GA

Curious what kind of events our bartenders can help cover?

Here are just a few of our specialties:
 Portable Bar Rental Atlanta, GA
Bartenders for Weddings in Atlanta

We will work with you to supply a professional bartender at your wedding, so you can say "I Do" without worrying about your drink service.

 Bar Rentals Atlanta, GA
Bartenders for Corporate Functions in Atlanta

RTB can provide bartenders for your upcoming company dinner, award ceremony, team building exercise, and more. Our bartenders will be dressed for the occasion and will provide service that is tailored to your occasion.

 Rent A Bartender Atlanta, GA
Bartenders for Social Gatherings in Atlanta

Our enthusiastic, high-energy bartenders make a great addition to any party or social gathering, big or small.

 Mobile Bar Service Atlanta, GA
Bartenders for Private Events in Atlanta

Thlmb-rowing a private birthday bash? Perhaps you're thinking about a small celebration for your anniversary. Whatever the occasion, RTB will supply a hardworking, professional bartender for your private event.

Depending on the type of event you have in mind, our bartenders are also trained for more "out of the box" events as part of our signature service packages. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Mixology Classes
  • Mixology Demonstrations
  • Beer and Wine Sommelier
  • Bourbon Master
  • Craft Cocktails
  • Build Your Own Mule Bar
 Bar Service Atlanta, GA

Concessions Services in Atlanta, GA

In addition to bar rentals in Atlanta, GA, Raising the Bar also offers a suite of concessions services for events in Georgia. RTB concessions were born out of the desire to provide a next-generation beverage experience. This service is tailored to brand sponsors who wish to provide consumers with an elevated cocktail experience in a large setting. Special events and festivals in Georgia are only glmb-rowing in popularity. Today, consumers attending these events expect a wider variety of drink choices. They crave a personalized experience, and Raising the Bar is the perfect partner to choose when executing such an event

For brand sponsors, having a partner that provides a memorable consumer experience is crucial for maximizing ROI. Our ability to work with all trade partners (venue owners, brand owners, and distributors) makes their sponsorship money work harder. With more than a decade of experience, a highly trained staff of bartenders, and customizable bar services, we stand tall as Atlanta's most trusted boutique concessions provider. Having worked with many large-scale festivals, sporting events, and corporate events, we are confident that our beverage program gives consumers an unrivaled experience. Equally important, we give brand sponsors a key source of income.

 Bartenders For Events Atlanta, GA

We're Ready to Serve Up a Great Time

Ready to learn more about how Raising the Bar can transform your boring party into a fun, exciting party?

Our team of experts is ready to help you get started. Contact our office in Atlanta today at 404-826-5945. Before you know it, you'll be sipping a craft cocktail next to a branded bar rental while your guests rave about your amazing event.

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Latest News in Atlanta, GA

TIMELINE | Damaging winds, hail and isolated tornado threat in metro Atlanta Friday

Storms will primarily be around the metro during the afternoonATLANTA — Our next round of showers and storms will move into North Georgia and metro Atlanta on Friday. The area could see heavy rain and isolated strong to severe storms with damaging winds, hail, and the possibility of an isolated tornado.These storms will arrive ahead of a cold front that will be the dividing line between warm, humid air and a drier, more pleasant-looking Mother's Da...

Storms will primarily be around the metro during the afternoon

ATLANTA — Our next round of showers and storms will move into North Georgia and metro Atlanta on Friday. The area could see heavy rain and isolated strong to severe storms with damaging winds, hail, and the possibility of an isolated tornado.

These storms will arrive ahead of a cold front that will be the dividing line between warm, humid air and a drier, more pleasant-looking Mother's Day Weekend.

Here are 3 things to know:

Showers and storms are possible throughout the day on Friday, but the main 'strong storm window' will be from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Several storms could become strong to severe.

Outside of storms, Friday will be mostly cloudy, breezy and humid.

Severe Outlook

The Storm Prediction Center has placed metro Atlanta and points east in a Level 3 out of 5 risk of severe storms.

Storms will bring heavy rain, with rain totals between 1/2 inch and 1 1/2 inch on average. Not everyone will see rain but many will.

For Severe Weather threats, damaging winds around 60 miles per hour will be the main threat. There is also a lower threat of quarter-inch-sized hail. Brief, isolated tornadoes will be possible as well.


We are focused on the late morning to late afternoon for being the best chance for showers and thunderstorms. Critical timing is between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Forecast track images of future radar are below, but remember the timing can and likely will change before Friday.

Friday mid to late morning we are tracking a pre-event round of light rain and embedded t-storms moving eastward through north Georgia. These will not be severe. Meanwhile, we'll watch for some showers and storms to develop near Birmingham, Alabama. That'll be the focus for the afternoon.

By mid-day, some strong to severe storms will be moving into north Georgia, especially north and west of Atlanta.

By mid afternoon, the storm threat is pushing east and southeast of Atlanta.

Storms and showers continue to exit as the afternoon ends.



JOIN THE 11ALIVE STORMTRACKERS FACEBOOK GROUP: Nearly 10,000 metro Atlanta and north Georgia weather enthusiasts share their weather photos every day. Click here to join the group!

How to apply to Georgia's $850 a month guaranteed income program

ATLANTA — A new guaranteed income program in Georgia working to help more than 650 Black women across the state is taking applicants.A partnership between the Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund (GRO Fund) & GiveDirectly is tackling income inequality in the state through a $13 million privately funded income guarantee program.As of Monday, the initiative In Her Hands...

ATLANTA — A new guaranteed income program in Georgia working to help more than 650 Black women across the state is taking applicants.

A partnership between the Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund (GRO Fund) & GiveDirectly is tackling income inequality in the state through a $13 million privately funded income guarantee program.

As of Monday, the initiative In Her Hands began accepting applications to give more than 650 Black women $850 a month over the next two years.

This program is different from Atlanta's guaranteed income program which is publicly funded. In Her Hands raised funds through local and federal funds in addition to private donors and sponsors.

“Georgia has some of the starkest economic insecurity and instability in the country, especially for Black and Brown women. The GRO Fund is setting out to test big ideas to tackle this challenge. But the work is grounded in people first, not theory,” Atlanta Councilmember and co-chair of the Old Fourth Ward Economic Security Task Force, Amir Farokhi said in a release.

This first project site will focus on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood neighborhood, Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, as he was a proud advocate for guaranteed income and income equality throughout his career. This site will be the focus of the first round of the program in which 220 people will be selected to receive benefits.

Eligibility requirements include:

The release statement said eligible applicants will be selected through a lottery pool. Half of the recipients will receive $850 a month for 24 months. The other half will receive a first, lump sum payment for $4,300 followed by 23 months of $700 payments.

For the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood alone, the program will select 220 people to receive benefits. Another 440 will be selected over two rounds later this summer.

While the second site will be in Clay, Terrell and Randolph Counties in Southwest Georgia, the final project site has yet to be disclosed. The final site is expected to be announced later this month.

Applications for these rounds will open in June and July respectively.

Applications for Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward will stay open until May 15 at 11:59 p.m. Those interested can visit the application site here.

Out And About In The ATL | May 9-15, 2022

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The weather is fabulous and there’s a ton of fun things happening this week and weekend in metro Atlanta. Check out our list!Olivia Rodrigo is performing at Coca-Cola Roxy Venue at The Battery Atlanta.All That Remains is bringing its 15th-anniversary tour to Buckhead Theatre....

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The weather is fabulous and there’s a ton of fun things happening this week and weekend in metro Atlanta. Check out our list!

Olivia Rodrigo is performing at Coca-Cola Roxy Venue at The Battery Atlanta.

All That Remains is bringing its 15th-anniversary tour to Buckhead Theatre.

Jazz in the Sky is happening on the helipad at Colony Square. A limited number of guests is allowed.

The Laugh Atlanta Comedy Jam is happening at kat’s Cafe on Piedmont Avenue.

The Antlers and Wild Pink are performing at Terminal West on West Marietta Street NW.

City of Dunwoody is hosting Firefly Poetry & Open Mic Night at The Spot on Dunwoody Park.

Jukebox Caper, who plays hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s, performs at Napoleon’s in Decatur.

The Thinking Man Tavern in Decatur is holding a grand reopening celebration. DJ set from Philip and Emily Frobos.

The three-day 2022 Marietta Greek Festival at Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church kicks off. Greek food, music, dancing and more.

DJ and producer Kayzo performs at Tabernacle Atlanta. Kayzo is known for remixing songs and incorporating trap and hardstyle genres into his mixes.

Booze and Botanicals is the focus of the next Fernbank After Dark at Fernbank Museum. Learn what botanicals are used in gin and other spirits.

The two-day 13th annual Chastain Park Spring Arts & Crafts Festival is happening on Stella Drive. Arts and crafts, children’s area, local gourmet food and live music.

Drag Queen Story Hour is back at the Wren’s Nest on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard SW. Admission also includes historic house tours.

Abide Brewing Company in Newnan is holding its 7th-anniversary block party with bands, food and beer.

The Roswell Mimosa Festival is happening at Mimosa Hall and Bulloch Hall. Variety of mimosas, Bloody Marys, brunch punch, beer and wine.

The Steady Hand Spring Fest with an artist market, live music and food trucks is happening at Steady Hand Beer Co. in Atlanta.

The Afghan Whigs, a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, perform at Terminal West in Atlanta.

Actor, comedian and writer Tom Segura is performing at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

Learn about the women of Oakland during a 75-minute tour at Historic Oakland Cemetery. From writers and domestic servants to reformers and mothers, Oakland Cemetery is home to thousands of women.

Head to Woodstock for Spring Art on the Green 2022. Local artists, food and live music.

If you would like to submit an item for this list or a future list, send an email with details to

Copyright 2022 WGCL. All rights reserved.

The Villages of East Lake reopen after renovations

Atlanta, GA — The East Lake Foundation, along with Atlanta Housing, Invest Atlanta and Columbia Residential celebrated the grand reopening of the Villages of East Lake on Monday, May 9. The project included the preservation and renovation of the historic mixed-income community.The event on Monday included a ribbon cutting ceremony with remarks from Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens; Christopher Nunn, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs; Eugene Jones, Jr., president & CEO, Atlanta Housing; Josie B...

Atlanta, GA — The East Lake Foundation, along with Atlanta Housing, Invest Atlanta and Columbia Residential celebrated the grand reopening of the Villages of East Lake on Monday, May 9. The project included the preservation and renovation of the historic mixed-income community.

The event on Monday included a ribbon cutting ceremony with remarks from Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens; Christopher Nunn, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs; Eugene Jones, Jr., president & CEO, Atlanta Housing; Josie Braziel, resident of The Villages of East Lake; Jenna Kelly, group regional vice president – Georgia, Truist Bank; Catherine Woodling, deputy executive director, East Lake Foundation; and Shannon Heath-Longino, former resident, community advocate and senior vice president, Truist Community Capital, according to a press release.

This financial transaction and subsequent renovation represents one of the largest preservations of affordable housing in Georgia and is an integral part of East Lake Foundation’s mission and continued holistic revitalization of the East Lake community. This partnership between the city of Atlanta, East Lake Foundation, Atlanta Housing, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Truist Bank, and Columbia Residential has positioned this property for long-term operational and financial sustainability.

“We are grateful to join with our Villages of East Lake residents and partners to celebrate this much-anticipated grand reopening,” Woodling said. “We’re thrilled that this incredible effort, in addition to several new East Lake Foundation housing initiatives, will significantly increase housing availability and diversity in the East Lake neighborhood.”

Braziel has been a resident at The Villages of East Lake for more than 10 years. She is an active participant with the East Lake Foundation’s Resident and Community Support Program that she credits for helping her land her dream job at a local school system. Her daughter, who began attending Drew Charter School in kindergarten, will soon graduate and has plans to start college in the fall.

While the renovations of the Villages have been extensive, Braziel is grateful to all the partners that made this work possible.

“I was blown away when I walked into my apartment home after the renovations. I was so proud to call this our neighborhood,” she said.

The Villages of East Lake was built in the mid-1990s and has 542 units, including town homes, duplexes, garden apartments and various amenities, which have all undergone extensive renovations.

Fifty percent of the units are subsidized by Atlanta Housing to families making 30% of AMI or less and the remaining 50% are provided at market rate.

The upgrades included new exteriors, flooring, cabinets, a fitness center, and landscaping, among others.

“More than 20 years ago, this community became a national model for how to reclaim a neighborhood for the greater good—a reclaimed community, planned intentionally to offer residents tools to help them thrive,” Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said. “Thank you to Atlanta Housing, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Columbia Residential, Truist Bank and the East Lake Foundation for being the model of how public, private partnerships should work.”

Atlanta Housing President and CEO Eugene Jones Jr. added that Atlanta Housing is proud to have played a leading role in the establishment of the Villages at East Lake and is proud to contribute to the renovation.

“The Villages of East Lake remain a shining beacon for affordable housing across America,” Jones said.

Dr. Eloisa Klementich, president and CEO of Invest Atlanta, said the redevelopment exemplifies the power of what an equity-focused, community-led strategy for affordable housing can do.

“Tax-exempt bond financing from Invest Atlanta helped to ensure the residents of this community have access to high-quality affordable housing in close proximity to good schools, a grocery store, green space, and other amenities. Since 2010, Invest Atlanta’s multifamily housing development program has supported the creation of almost 10,000 affordable units throughout the city,” Klementich said.

East Lake is an example of community revitalization, which involves various partners collaborating, said Christopher Nunn, commissioner at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

“DCA is proud to be a long-time partner in the re-capitalization, renovations, and preservations that provide quality affordable housing for our deserving citizens both now and in the future,” Nunn said.

Jim Grauley, CEO of Columbia Residential, added that the firm was proud to be part of the project.

“Columbia Residential is honored to have been asked to lead the preservation and renovation of the Villages of East Lake,” Grauley said. “I especially want to thank our residents for working so closely with us, and our on-site management, resident services and construction teams for their patience, diligence and dedication while working the renovations during the extraordinary times of the pandemic. Our company and team are proud to serve this great Atlanta community.”

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Jackets Host In-State Eagles for Home Finale

GEORGIA TECH YELLOW JACKETS (27-21) vs. GEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES (32-15)May 11, 2022 • 6 PMAtlanta, Ga. (Mac Nease Baseball Park at Russ Chandler Stadium)TuesdayTV: ACC Network Extra | Watch LivePlay-by-Play: Andy DemetraAnalyst: ...

GEORGIA TECH YELLOW JACKETS (27-21) vs. GEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES (32-15)May 11, 2022 • 6 PMAtlanta, Ga. (Mac Nease Baseball Park at Russ Chandler Stadium)

TuesdayTV: ACC Network Extra | Watch LivePlay-by-Play: Andy DemetraAnalyst: Kyle Wren

Radio: WREK 91.1 FM | Listen Online | GT Gameday App | TuneInPlay-by-Play: Wiley Ballard

GAMEDAY CENTRALGame Notes | 2022 GT Baseball Info Guide


• Finishing up its 31-game home schedule for 2022, Georgia Tech baseball will host in-state foe Georgia Southern on Wednesday, May 11 at 6 p.m.

• Georgia Southern is one of Tech’s most-played opponents, currently standing at 136 contests between the two teams since 1947. Tech leads the all-time series 104-32 despite dropping the first meeting of the year between the two teams in Statesboro on Feb. 22, 10-6.

• Despite going 2-2 in its last four ACC series, Georgia Tech’s seasonal resume has begun to take shape with just six games remaining in the regular season.

• Georgia Tech currently sports the toughest strength of schedule in the country (.596) with its opponents’ record sitting at a whopping 1297-790. The next closest ACC teams in the SOS ranking are Florida State (seventh), North Carolina (eighth) and Clemson (10th).

• In the RPI, a key metric for determining postseason seeding and overall performance, Georgia Tech currently sits 29th.

• No team in the country has more wins against top-50 RPI teams than Georgia Tech’s 15. The next closest is Oklahoma State, who has a No. 3 RPI, with 14. The next closest team in the ACC is Louisville, who has a No. 13 RPI, at 13.

• Unsurprisingly, Georgia Tech has also played more top-50 RPI teams than anyone in the country at a whopping 32. The next closest team nationally is North Carolina’s 26.

• Against ACC teams currently ranked in the top 25, Georgia Tech owns a series sweep over No. 5 Virginia Tech and series wins against No. 6 Miami (Fla.) and No. 21 Florida State. It’s lone series loss to current top-25 ACC teams was on the road at No. 12 Virginia where the Jackets won a game. The other ACC teams (No. 7 Louisville and No. 16 Notre Dame) aren’t on the schedule.

• The Jackets have been unstoppable now fully healthy as one of the nation’s top offenses, currently ranking No. 3 overall with 560 hits on the year.

• Tech also ranks fourth in average (.319), sixth in home runs (90) and slugging (.540), seventh in runs (432), 10th in scoring (9.0) and 16th in on-base percentage (.413).

• This season, Georgia Tech has had multiple National Players of the Week in Kevin Parada, Tim Borden II and Andrew Jenkins.

• Parada currently ranks second in the country in home runs (23) and total bases (155), while ranking third in RBI (74), 13th in hits (75) and 17th in slugging (.745).

• In the ACC, Jenkins co-leads the league in hits (75) with Parada and Borden is also top 10 in home runs with 14 (eighth).

• Also red-hot at the plate are Chandler Simpson (.445), Tres Gonzalez (.322), and Stephen Reid (.319).

• Getting the start on Wednesday will be veteran RHP John Medich, who has spent the last three weeks as a weekend starter (one Saturday, two Friday nights).

• In five starts on the season, Medich hold a 3.98 ERA, allowing just nine runs while striking out 18. Medich has only allowed more than two runs twice out of his last nine overall appearances.


This website publishes news articles that contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. The non-commercial use of these news articles for the purposes of local news reporting constitutes "Fair Use" of the copyrighted materials as provided for in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

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